Tuesday, November 24, 2009

注意: 深圳喜万年 = 中国制假EGL霓虹产品之公司

EGL Company, Inc. of the U.S. - NOTICE to Neon Customers in Asia

Standard Professional Lighting Co., Ltd. (“Standard”) is a Chinese company that has registered an “EGL” trademark in China, in bad faith. As a result and as a defensive measure, E.G.L. Company, Inc. of the U.S. has commenced an action before the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board in China to abrogate the registration of the “EGL” mark, by Standard, in China. Standard’s bad faith registration of the “EGL” trademark may mislead customers into acquiring inferior products at a higher price. Moreover, the quality of the products acquired from Standard cannot be guaranteed by E.G.L. Company, Inc. of the U.S., and no post-sale services with regard to such products can be offered. Please be aware that Standard was not authorized by E.G.L. Company, Inc. to register the “EGL” mark. Standard is not an authorized representative or agent of E.G.L. Company, Inc. for any purpose whatsoever. If you wish to be certain that you are acquiring products from E.G.L. Company, Inc. of the U.S., please contact us. We value the loyalty of our customers to our brand name and shall continue to do everything possible to assure that our customers are receiving products manufactured by E.G.L. Company, Inc. of the U.S.

Standard Professional Lighting Co., Ltd. 深圳市喜万年科技有限公司(简称“Standard”)在中国恶意抢注了 “EGL” 的商标,对此,美国EGL公司 ─ 在中国商标评审委员会评核及废止被 “Standard” 所抢注之 “EGL” 商标前采取了相应防卫措施。”Standard” 在中国恶意抢注“EGL”商标,误导客户以高价购买劣质产品,此外,由“Standard” 购得之产品,其质量不为美国EGL公司保证并将不被提供任何售后服务。

美国EGL公司在此严正声明:我们从未允许 “Standard” 注册 “EGL” 之商标,请行家们注意防范!“Standard” 绝非经EGL公司授权之任何形式的行事代表或代理。如您欲确定所获产品真伪,请与我们联系。


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